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How Couchsurfing led to Teaching English in Hanoi

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  How Couchsurfing led to Teaching English in Hanoi Having experienced multiple Couchsurfing experiences of all kinds, I…

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cost of motorcycling in Vietnam

Cost of Motorcycling in Vietnam

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Before I begin this article, I want to make it clear that I recommend every single one of…

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Carpool Word Cloud. The Alternative Ways

Carpooling – A Better Alternative Public Transportation

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With the continuously increasing costs and troubles of owning and driving a car, more and more of us…

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Live in other areas of the world with AIESEC

Work Abroad in your Dream Country with AIESEC

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What if you could work in the country of your dreams for a few years? What if you…

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The Alternative Ways - Alternative Way to Travel by Air

Living on the edge – Paraglide Around the World

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Imagine yourself travelling from one mountain to the next by flying. Imagine yourself in a position to take…

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How To Sail the World for Free

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You can sail the world for free with, a platform for ship captains to post their planned trip,…

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Cheaper Group Travel with Airbnb and 28 Alternatives

Cheaper Group Travel with Airbnb and 28 Alternatives

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With the onset of social media, a multitude of new companies have created social platforms on which individuals…

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On Our Way To Sailboat Living

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After a 10-hour, terribly jam-packed bus ride, we unloaded and headed to the Chinese hotel across the street.…

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The beauty of hostels. Are hostels good? Of course they are. The Alternative Ways

Are Hostels Good? Of Course they are!!!

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One of the recurring themes of backpack travelling is most certainly the simplicity and interesting nature of Hostels. It…

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WWOOF Around The World

1129 629 Joaquim Miro

The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, commonly known as ‘WWOOF’, offers individuals the incredible opportunity to work…

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