How to Find a Perfect Co-working Space While Traveling

How to Find a Perfect Co-working Space While Traveling

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The life of a digital nomad can be very exciting. You get the chance to travel the world and see everything from the beaches of Australia to the mountain ranges of Europe to the iconic forests in the American mid-west. At the same time, you can work remotely, and finance your trip and living costs. However, working in a productive environment is important. Instead of sitting alone in your hostel room or drinking coffees in overcrowded coffee shops, you can choose to work in a coworking space – a more social and affordable option.

Coworking space charge a fee (daily, weekly, or monthly) for workspace and amenities, such as Wi-Fi, private telephone booths, conference rooms, as well as corners for relaxation (“the lazy bag room”). Let’s see how you can find the perfect coworking space while traveling as a digital nomad.

1. How often will you really use it?

Don’t waste your money on an unused membership, so make sure that you’ll actually use the coworking space regularly. If you prefer a frequent change of scenery, then this may not be the most sensible option for you. Is it really in your best interests financially? Think about the commitment as well, because even if you think you’ll be in one place for some time, circumstances can change. Perhaps you want a coworking space that offers flexibility to cancel within a short notice.

2. Determine your needs

Create a list of everything you need from a coworking space based on your work goals. For example, your top priorities may be conference-calling capabilities, or as simple as having printer access at all hours or high-speed Wi-Fi. Don’t confuse wants with needs. Use this list of necessities to evaluate potential coworking spaces, and go with the one that meets most of your needs. Write your essential needs down and look for a place that provides them. This seems like an obvious thing to do, but it often happens that people overlook it by letting their excitement or emotions override their reasoning. If the place doesn’t offer work essentials, then the feel and the look of a place don’t mean much. Whether you just need a desk to sit at in Berlin or a conveniently-located serviced office in Melbourne – you need to determine the factors that affect your search.

3. Community

If the community in a coworking space is supportive and interactive, you can work better, grow faster, and move further in your career. You should be comfortable learning from and interacting with people in your work environment. Get to know other members to see whether you get along with them, and to feel the vibe and culture of the place. If you’re less about making friends and more interested in collaborating and networking, you should find a place with people that suit your business orientation.

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4. Working hours

If you like to work at night, then you’ll need to know whether the space is open round-the-clock or they close in the evening. In order to remain flexible and plan your time effectively by setting your own working hours, you need to know their office hours.


5. Tour coworking locations

A coworking space may look good on the Internet or paper, but you shouldn’t decide before you see the actual physical space. Go on a tour of the facility, and ask if you can try it out for a day. Check out the culture as well to see how the location will benefit you. Does it align with your work goals? Are there good fitness centers, lunch spots, or coffee shops in the neighborhood? What’s the atmosphere like? Talk to other members to see what they think.

6. Does the coworking space offer any perks?

As coworking spaces are growing in popularity, they’re trying to stay competitive by offering perks to their members. You’ll easily find a space if you only need a lounge room and a coffee machine. However, some coworking spaces offer free snacks, gym space for short intense training sessions or yoga, and a library (or access to an extensive online library).

7. Use apps to find coworking spaces

It can be challenging to find a coworking space when you’re away from home, but luckily, there are websites and apps that can help you find a coworking space that fits your requirements. Try using Loop (a network of coworking spaces around the world), Workfrom (provides more than 1,250 locations), or Outsite. These platforms enable you to find a coworking space (with at least a place to sit, a power outlet, and high-speed Wi-Fi), as well as services of home-sharing, sustainability, remote work, and work-life balance.

Follow these steps and answer all these questions to narrow down your selection. If you’ve traveled to a big city and are near downtown, the list of coworking spaces you can choose from will be a bit longer. Ultimately, it all comes down to the atmosphere in the space. It’s what your gut is telling you, and it’s nearly always right.

Lauren Wiseman

Lauren Wiseman is marketing specialist, contributor to and entrepreneur, currently based in Melbourne. She helps clients grow their personal and professional brands in fast-changing and demanding market environment. Covering finance and investment topics, Lauren strongly believes in holistic approach to business.

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