How To Travel As A Fisherman

How To Travel As A Fisherman

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This is a guest post from professional blogger Rebecca Lilly

Ever wondered how to travel as a fisherman? Travelling and visiting new places have consistently been advocated for and generally agreed upon as a great way to improve creativity and problem solving skills.

It is also a known way to learn new cultures and get unique experience and memories. With this kind of information at the disposal of people you expect that people would take a keener interest to travelling.

However, the reverse is the case as statistics given by the United Nations World Tourism Organization 2018 report shows that only roughly about 14 percent of the world population do indeed travel.

What then could be the reason for such low rate of travels and tours? Your guess is as good as mine, money!

how to travel as a fisherman

I designed this post to open you up to a new possibility of travelling and with as minimal funds as possible by showing you the opportunities that abound and how to travel as a Fisherman, this means you don’t just travel but can also earn while on the move, cool right? If you are a lover of travelling, fishing or both then stay tuned and fasten your seatbelts as I take you through what to expect, things needed for the trip, where to get support and lots more.


How To Travel As A Fisherman

I. How to Find Fishing Jobs

This is the most important thing to do in securing that travel as a Fisherman, it ranges from advertising yourself to strategically positioning yourself as well as visibility, so let’s expatiate a bit so you can learn how to travel as a fisherman.


II. Locating Fishing Companies

Since you won’t be going on your own you need to source out fishing companies who are looking to recruit from time to time. This shouldn’t be much of a problem as fishing crews change per season.

Fishing Companies operate internationally and decide well ahead of time which waters they look to navigate and this is where the opportunity to travel lies as the best lakes to fish spans across continent, destinations include Wales, Canada, Australia amongst others.

In order to know which fishing company to choose you would need to know your choice destination and this can be done by knowing where the best fishing lakes are situated. This would inevitably help determine which company to select based on their destinations.

It is also important to note that most fishing companies operate based on networking and securing a job requires a fair amount of lobbying with the boat captain, so get your social skills up. However, some companies include:


1. Aluetian Spray Fisheries , Inc.

This organization based in Seattle, Washington offers a range of employment opportunities even beyond fishing that you can take advantage of, apply and sure be part of an expedition.

They offer employment opportunities of up to four months. They are open to employing people from different nationalities, religion and age making it an ideal fit.


2. American Seafoods Co.

With a huge mission to cater for a fair share of the world’s food need, this organization is constantly looking to expand and bring on board willing fishermen all you have to do is be hardworking, so of you are up for it.

This organization offers you the unique opportunity to fulfill your travel goals while meeting their expansion need, it’s a win win for everyone involved.


3. Coastal Villages Region Fund

This fishing company offers a range of technical employment opportunities that includes longline deckhand, processor and mate and job responsibilities includes working aboard on the fishing vessel.

Its waters include the Pacific, Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea, and the Aleutian island.

Other notable mentions include the Glacier fish company, Trident Seafood Corporation, Deep Sea fisheries incorporation amongst a host of others.


III. What to Expect

Fishing is always an exciting time full of thrills as you eagerly await what the experience brings. Irrespective of your fishing company and its preferred fishing water’s unique environment you can almost expect the following:


1. Captain’s Speech and Fishing Necessities

Before the trip commences the captain would address the crew and also dole out vital information which would include the fishing itinerary, setting up and equipment’s usage, location of safety equipment and specifics about the machine if it’s a large fishing company.

If anything isn’t clear the best time for clarity is after the Captain’s speech is over. A fishing bag would cone in very handy on the trip and if you are sure of your fishing experience you might want to pay in for a jackpot.

The jackpot is a consensus in which fishermen agree to out their fish into a huge bag and the fisherman with the biggest catch takes home the kitty.


2. Rough Weather

A calm blue sea might not always be the order of the day so it is valuable advice to anticipate a stormy sea and if you know you might be sea sick it’s advisable to go with some medicine as fishing expedition might take longer than the expected duration.


3. Dropping your line and the jerking after

When you get to the fishing area the boat halts and the captain might give additional instructions as well as the jerking that would occur after you’ve let down your line.

Note that it is a highly engaging physical activity that requires you to be at your best. Be expectant of a sharp tug that would follow after your hook gets a fish or the blood rush that occurs when your longline processor net is about to be pulled up

IV. What to Wear

There are specific items to have on a fishing trip. Definitely regarding your clothing it is best advised to get a thick appropriate covering as you’d be on the high sea and exposed to cool air.

It is best to dress in layers as this would easily help in regulating your body temperature. Non skid shoes are also advisable. Long sleeves, gloves and boots are also required for cold temperatures in fishing areas like Canada.


V. What to Bring

1. Fishing License

This is compulsory for any adult as there are coastal guards to ensure that this regulations is obeyed. It can be purchased at the dock or online before the trip.

2. Cash

To pay for items such as jackpot, fish cleaning, galley purchases, gunny sacks etc.

3. Sunblock

To effectively cover exposed parts of the body like the neck, ears and face.

4. Safety Goggles

This would protect the eyes from possible hurt.

5. Camera

This would come in handy to showcase that trophy fish of yours, capture memories, and also help take pictures of you intend to run a blog at some point.


VI. What not to bring

It is also worthy of note that alcohol, drugs and weapons aren’t allowed on a fishing boat as this can be highly distracting, cause impairment in rational thinking and could lead to wrong decision making at delicate point on the trip.


VII. Support Forum & Websites For Travelling Fisherman

travelling fisherman


Alaska Job Finder

This website provides job opportunities and in this case travel opportunities with fishing companies in and around Alaska. They are an advertising network that helps job seekers meet fishing companies.


Indeed offers unique opportunities to be on a fishing boat other than being a Fisherman. It’s a good resource tool.

Zip Recruiter

This is a unique website that helps you tailor your search to your location bringing opportunities that are closest to you first before others.


VIII. Scheduling of Trip

The fishing season spans April till October and so if you are going to plan a trip you should factor this in. The season varies across states and countries and is ultimately determined by them. However, the above stated time is a healthy generalization.

I hope you will find this helpful and realize that there’s ample opportunity for travel in the fishing industry. If I left any point worthy of note do share in the comment section and feel free to share this content with others. So source out that company, have the time of your life and report back to help others do the same.


Rebecca Lily

Hi, everyone! My name’s Rebecca, and I just love to write and to fish! My friends call me “Becca.” I’m 22 years old, single, and am currently residing in New York working at an office. With some free time I always give in to my passions, and that’s why I started creating blogs and a website about fishing, its two of my most favorite things!

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