Best Places To Learn About Blockchain

Best Places To Learn About Blockchain

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This article was written by Jennifer Attia, founder of We Are Peacekeaper. It presents a non-extensive list of the places to learn about blockchain technology and investments, serving as a great starting point to get involved with the blockchain world.


Best places to learn about Blockchain

Blockchain is the most “en vogue” new technology on the market.

For most of us, blockchain is this incomprehensible technology creating a new internet and revolutionizing the way we are doing business.

Between blockchain itself, cryptocurrency, new product developed on different platform, how can one learn about it, understand it and invest in it?

Starting learning about blockchain can be quite confusing, by googling “what is blockchain?” we literally get more than 25 millions articles.

In this article, we will cover the different tools available to learn about blockchain from a beginner perspective to someone having an understanding and that would like to invest.


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To start, let me say that the more people invest in blockchain technology companies or in crypto currencies, the more the market is going to be self sustainable and create a mass change. So get to it and let’s all learn about it, talk about it and share our experiences and  information. It will benefit us all.


The best places to learn about blockchain are numerous. From books to online tutorial, videos. You can find it all and mostly for free.


The Various Blockchain Channels

Whether you’re completely new to blockchain, want to learn more or just want to keep up to date with the market, here are a few sources that can help:

  • Podcasts:
    • Look up the Top 5 podcasts on Android App or Itunes


Once you feel ready to invest, you can keep up to date using forums, online communities & specialized press.


Then like everything else nowadays, don’t trust everything the media are saying.

Stay tune with the startups you invested in, most of them have blogs and update their investors weekly.  

Playing the long term game is recommended. Bitcoin is a perfect example.


Happy investments!! And remember to never keep your investments online. If you don’t know how, the easiest way is through a Ledger Wallet.


If you have any questions or comments regarding these websites and this advice, don’t hesitate to reach out through the comments below.







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