Best Websites For Freelancing Photography & Entry Level Work

Best Websites For Freelancing Photography & Entry Level Work

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Job flexibility has become a huge phenomenon. People all over the world are working without leaving their house and making waves in productivity. Employers and workers alike claim that remote working is better for productivity, efficiency, and worker satisfaction. Many companies are turning to freelancers and contracted remote workers instead of the traditional cubicle worker system.

Still, a lot of people are fearful of quitting their job and making the change to home or travel based employment. It’s hard to avoid being skeptical that something that sounds so good is actually possible, and that anybody can make money doing this way. You can always start with working for extra pocket money to make you more comfortable. There are hundreds of ways to make money online, from transcription writing to selling photos. To help ease your mind, here are 10 great websites for freelancing!


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10 Great Websites for Freelancing

Great Websites For Freelancing Photography


There are a ton of websites for buying and selling photography, amateur and professional. Though most focus on stock photos, FineArtAmerica is for selling creative and personal photography. Make yourself a portfolio, attract buyers, and you can make money by selling various different types of prints of your photography.



PhotoMoolah is another great place to sell photos that aren’t stock photos. Their format is unique from other photography websites because what photographers are doing is actually entering photos to contests. Winners of contests are given prizes of around $100-$200, but prizes can go even higher.



Despite talking about non-stock image websites, stock photos are still a great way to make money. The most well-known of stock photo websites is Shutterstock. Photos earn anything between $0.25 to $28 per sale, retaining 30% of their original value. One other great thing about Shutterstock is they don’t have an exclusivity cause, meaning you can list your photos on multiple stock photo sites without risking losing out on your money.



You can sell your own pictures online by starting a website through Shopify! They’ve made insanely easy to build your own website, offering ready-made templates with everything already integrated including payments, email and marketing automation software, and live help whenever you need it. Out of all the platforms around I’d say this is probably the best one to use if you aren’t very familiar with building websites and running online businesses. They even give courses to get you started and sell your first pieces.

I suggest you check out their 14 day free demo to see if it’s for you!


Great Freelance Websites For Entry Level Work



Fiverr is quite unique as a platform due to the ability of freelancers to sell pretty much anything. While it’s mostly a hub of graphic designers, writers, coders, and more techy people, anybody with something to offer can sell and find clients here. Are you good at holding a sign up that says someone’s name in a weird place? Do you do a mean Arnold Schwarzenegger impression? You can earn on Fiverr.


Upwork is a huge freelancing service that also offer freelancers of a broad variety of different skills to find jobs. Buyers come here to find freelancers for big and small projects and there are different formats for payments. It’s a great place for sellers, new and experienced, to earn themselves a client base and make money from home.



Mostly ignored by the freelance world, Reddit is an often-overlooked platform for finding projects of any size and encompassing many skills. Boards like /r/slavelabour are a great place to find job offers and post service offers. Though not as official and refined as most of the other options on this list, the moderators have helped up the trustworthiness by instituting a place where users can validate each other’s selling and buying experience to form what they call a reputation.


Craigslist & Facebook Groups

Another platform overlooked for its freelance opportunities are classifieds. Craigslist and local area classifieds groups on Facebook are great places to find more than just used furniture. People often post there looking for temporary employees or people to perform in-person tasks like reception, cleaning, and trade-type jobs like painting and landscaping.


Matador Network

Matador is probably the best place online for travel writers looking to make extra money. Writers can write about a travel topic of their choice (as long as it hasn’t already been done on the website!) and submit it to the network. If they like it, writers can make up to $0.09 per word. Though there are more lucrative travel writing buyers out there, Matador Network is great because it advocates for creativity, originality, and writers encompassing those qualities don’t have so much competition.



Toptal is another website for freelancers of various skills. However, it’s reserved only for those with a lot of experience and reputable skills already in their field. You have to pass a screening process, but it’s well worth the time and effort to work with some major companies. JPMorgan and Airbnb are some of Toptal’s well-known customers. Because of the scrutiny of sellers here, pay-outs are much higher than on other sites and don’t require you to have to low-bid for jobs.



Last but not least, a namesake of this article – Freelancer – is another great place for Freelancers of different skills. Much like PhotoMoolah, Freelancer is a competitive atmosphere where freelancers compete in contests to prove their skills and talents to attract and impress clients.



If Freelancing still doesn’t sound like something for you, but you’d like to work from home, traditional job-search websites like Indeed and Monster constantly have hourly job listings for remote jobs like data entry and medical transcription.

Still, ditching the hourly model for valued skills is the growing way of working and finding workers. There’s always demand for skilled workers and medial workers for data entry, writing, modelling, photography, and so much more. It gives you the freedom to make what you want, it just depends on how much time and skill you’re willing or able to put into it.

Freelancing is growing every year. With these 10 best websites for freelancing, you’re sure to find a way to get started and make good money without ever needing to leave your home. It’s a great source of income for anybody and everybody.

Good luck!

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