How to find Social Work Travel Jobs

How to find Social Work Travel Jobs

How to find Social Work Travel Jobs 1296 730 Joaquim Miro

Many people believe that having a career means settling down in a small town, commuting 30 minutes to work in a minivan, and define travel as “the once-a-year family trip on the Disney Cruise”. For equally as many people, this mold just doesn’t fit. It’s a thing of the past, and with the help of the internet, the way we think about a “career” is totally changing.

Travel is a great way to expand your definition of “living”. It’s also incredibly stimulating to your career to live and work abroad. Employers like candidates with experience and open mindedness. Social work is a fantastic way to see the world and help make a difference in it. These jobs are tasked with helping to alleviate poor conditions or experiences of people. Social worker jobs in the Philippines are becoming increasingly popular among recent Social Work graduates, as well as taking jobs at hospitals around the world.


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How to Find Social Work Travel Jobs

For those looking for something other than their prescribed lifestyle, here are some of the best resources for finding social work travel jobs that enable to you to see the world and live an exciting life on your own terms.



Source: Canterbury Christ Church University School of Social Work

Don’t panic if you’re not religious. Churches are always excited to find people who are willing to put their time and effort into international relief missions. While most are volunteer-based, with some vigilance you can find long-term overseas aid projects that are also paid through the church.





Since most social work jobs require a degree, you should consider reaching out to your old or current professors to get hooked up with some of their connections. Professors are a great way to find jobs to beef up your resume and locate reputable work.



Peace Corps


Source: Peace Corps


The Peace Corps is a great volunteer option that comes with great benefits. They have numerous missions going on all over the world at any one time encompassing a number of sectors. You can view their current openings here.


United Nations

Source: United Nations


The UN is a force in relief agencies and projects around the world. They’re a huge organization that is constantly hiring. They even offer domestic jobs all over the United States. Though working in the US isn’t the travel job you’re here for, consider it as a bridge to a better job. For international and domestic job listings, check here.



Source: University of Southern California


One often overlooked choice that comes with both good pay and good benefits is the opportunity to work for the US Military as a social worker. These workers are essential in providing care and support both domestically and abroad. The US Navy and the US Army both offer this position.




Source: Hollywood Reporter

UNICEF is a huge organization that is present in 190 countries and territories. They are aimed mostly at working with children, but also provide assistance to families and communities to provide education and care to help improve conditions. UNICEF always has vacancies that are worth regularly checking out.





The Phillipines are growing as a popular hub of international social workers. The small island country is committed to relief programs and recognizes the need for international help. Social worker jobs in the Philippines can be found through PASWI, or The Philippine Association of Social Workers. They even offer Social Work degrees at numerous reputable universities for those who want to are looking to start fresh in the field or work on obtaining a Masters degree. If you’re interested, give the University of the Philipines and Philippine Christian University a look.


World Health Organization

Source: World Health Organization

WHO is committed to providing a healthier future for people all over the world. They work to combat diseases and prevent them from spreading and provide care to mothers and children to help them live long, healthy lives. They provide vaccinations and environmental support and remediation to ensure health and safety in over 150 countries. You can view their job openings here.


Focused Organizations


Source: Elemis

These are organizations that are committed to certain causes that involve social work around the world. Many of these focus on causes like providing care and accommodation for refugees, putting an end to human trafficking and providing support and safety for abuse survivors, and educating children and women in poverty stricken communities to help them make the most of their lives and give them hope. While many of these positions are volunteer-based, they also offer permanent and temporary salaried jobs. Check out some of the big ones such as, Save The Children, and Women for Women for more information.


It’s important to keep in mind that paid social work jobs are highly competitive and often require vast experience. If possible, don’t shy away from volunteer jobs for at least a few months to years. Many countries in need of social workers don’t have a lot of money to pour into social work, leaving them being very picky to make sure they have the best possible candidate. And remember, volunteering doesn’t always mean “working for free”. A lot of volunteer work comes with immense benefits, such as in the case of the Peace Corps.

Don’t let that deter you, though. Give the organizations listed here a try. Once you get your foot in the door of the social work travel jobs world, it becomes much easier to move forward. If you’re looking for more information on what it takes to make a strong candidacy for the social work job of your dreams, check out this article by social worker and NGOabroad director Ann McLaughlin.



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