Bioluminescence in Thailand – A Surprise Discovery

Bioluminescence in Thailand – A Surprise Discovery

Bioluminescence in Thailand – A Surprise Discovery 1280 1002 Joaquim Miro

There are few things in the world that are more impressive than discovering bioluminescence in Thailand. To my great surprise, Rayong Thailand offers some of the most amazing fluorescent plankton I have yet to see. If you get a chance to go, make sure not to miss this opportunity.


Where to Find Bioluminescence in Thailand

To experience bioluminescence in Thailand, first head to Rayong. About 20 kilometres from Rayong, there are amazing beaches that have next to no tourism, offering sights that will amaze you both during the day and at night. You can expect a drastic change in tides between high tide (during the day) and low tide (at night), which also adds magic to the experience.

The beach is so flat that during low tide there is almost half of kilometre of bare sand!

rayong sunset


Finding the Right Beach

Make sure to go to the right beach around 11PM.

See the map below for an exact location of where to find the bioluminescence in Rayong Thailand.

bioluminescence in thailand



Tips to Better See Fluorescent Plankton

There’s a reason most people have never seen bioluminescence in Thailand, or anywhere in the world for that matter! Here are a few tips for increasing your chances of finding the beauty of fluorescent plankton in the sea waters.


Find the beach area with the least amount of light pollution

The less light there is around you, the better. Find a part of the beach that has less light, and walk out until you are about waist-deep in water. Then slowly move your hands from left to right and you will begin to thousands of white sparkles appear and disappear in the water.


The less moonlight the better

The stronger the moonlight, the more difficult it is to see the fluorescent plankton. The best way to increase your chances of seeing bioluminescence is by making sure you go during the new moon.


Go with a friend

Going to swim alone in the middle of the night is never safe. Bringing a friend will be safer, and greatly increase your chances of finding areas where the bioluminescence is strongest.


Go during dry season

Rain season brings about strong currents that can displace the organisms that create the bioluminescence. Furthermore the waters are more dangerous, making it more dangerous to swim in the night. I went around February and the visibility was perfect.


Go sober

When on vacation often times we can end up getting too drunk to perceive anything. Swimming in the ocean drunk is also one of the best ways to get yourself killed. So please refrain from getting drunk if you plan on going for a night swim with the fluorescent plankton.


Going to Vietnam? Make sure not to miss the bioluminescence in Vietnam


Other Places to see Bioluminescence in Thailand

Although I haven’t personally seen bioluminescence anywhere else in Thailand, I’ve met a few travelers that had seen it in the following places around Thailand. Here are some of the best places:

  • Ton Sai, Krabi
  • Koh Phi Phi
  • Ao Nang
  • Railay Beach
  • Maya Bay


Live Your Magical Experience

Experiencing bioluminescence for the first time is truly an amazing feeling. I wish you luck in going out and experiencing this yourself! Please come back and comment on your experience to inspire others to do the same. If you know of other places where one can experience bioluminescence in Thailand please let me know!



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  • I ‘ve gone Thailand many times but didn’t know Bioluminescence before. Really interesting place that I noted for next travel bucket list. Thanks !

  • That was great information. Thanks.
    Will definitely try whenever visiting Thailand next.

  • Wow! I never knew what the word (bioluminescene) meant until I read this post and seeing the photos makes me want to get to Thailand asap! Great post!

    • Hi Danik, great to hear that! It also goes by other names such as fluorescent plankton. Just the other day, I actually saw a land animal that emited a flueroescent green light at night. Looked at it with a flashlight, and it was a centipede looking insect! Let’s just say it looks better in pitch dark with its amazing superpower.

  • I have seen so many pictures of this on social media and would love to see it in real life, it looks truly magical. Thanks for all your tips and recommendations, we are heading to Thailand soon so I hope we get to see this in person.

  • Ana Rose | Roads and Pages March 22, 2017 at 7:26 am

    I have never been in Thailand even though it is also in our bucket list. Looking at your picture – the bioluminescence Thailand gives me goosebumps. It gives an unexplainable feeling. I would love to see it in real someday in the future. Thanks for all the wonderful tips.

  • I have always wanted to see bioluminescence. Ever since I studied them in Biology I have wanted to see them myself. Didn’t know about this phenomenon when in Thailand. Want me to head back there!

  • What a unique experience. I have never thought to go and see bioluminescence, but now I might plan it whenever in Southeast Asia. Thanks for the tips too, otherwise it would be very easy to miss it.

  • I have read about this in other places but never in Thailand and great tips for being able to see them! We for sure want to see bioluminescence I think it would just be magical.

  • I never knew that you Thailand had some bioluminescent beaches. I have only heard of Maldives having some. Now this is something that I might have to get to Thailand to explore. Thanks for sharing these.

  • Thank you, this was helpful! I really wanted to see them in Cambodia but didn’t because of the full the entire time I was there. Hoping for better luck in Thailand in a few months.

  • I’m in Thailand now and there are plankton
    I see them as green little dots
    Very hard to photo graph
    I’m in koh phi phi
    There’s a storm and the waves are lapping up 10-20 a time they glow and fade very quickly
    We have seen them in railay beach lots in the water there making it more blue.






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