Free Online Web Development Courses With Certificates

Free Online Web Development Courses With Certificates

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Have you ever wanted to create a new website, or wondered how people can make such eye-catching and appealing webpages? What if you could learn those skills for free in an entertaining way?

Learning web design and web development seems like a farfetched ambition at first, but using the right tools, the journey to becoming a web design guru is fun… and FREE. Not only will this add a new skill in your life tool belt, you will also have a much better understanding of how the internet works, and perhaps uncover a new talent you didn’t know you had!

Here are my favourite free online web development courses with certificates.


For Interactive (Hands-On) and Fun Learning

Programming Html Headline

Front End & Backend
Code Academy & Free Code Camp are the best I have found. They show you step by step how to program, and you are able to see your rapid progress as you go.

What I like about Free Code Camp is that it forces you to submit projects which require a lot of determination and autonomy. Plus you get to help nonprofit organizations as you are learning, making this the best of your choices of free online web development courses with certificates.

Strongly Recommended!!


Technical Learning
Khan Academy is the most instructive and entertaining. Check out this article on Khan Academy to learn about the world’s first free online university. All the major subjects for K-12, and most Entry-level University classes are explained through engaging video tutorials, more clearly than any teacher could ever explain them. There are videos on other subjects such as Real Estate, Investment, Taxes, Evolution, Astronomy, and much more. Incredible website to learn new things!


Other Languages
Free Tutorials can teach you a lot in very little time. If you need to learn quickly this is a great alternative!
Free Quizzes can show you how well you have mastered various languages, and prep you for the certification exam.


Getting Your Certification

Although the Certification is not free, it opens many job opportunities for you, and increases your credibility within the professional environment. There are various methods of getting certified in multiple program languages using online certification programs.

Certification Portal for Html, Css, Javascript, SQL, PHP, and JQuery.


The Alternative Ways Tips & Tricks

  • Force yourself to practice a set amount of time every day. Learning to code 30 minutes per day is better than doing 4 hours once a week.
  • Start the website you have always dreamed of starting. If you don’t know how, check out this post to get started!



Create a store with Shopify instead

Have you considered using a website builder as well? While you are spending hundreds of hours learning how to code, you could also invest some time towards building an online business. Shopify makes this very easy by setting up everything in the backend, including payment gateways, stellar designs, and automated marketing tools. If this sounds interesting to you, you can click the link below to learn more and start your 14 day free trial.

Discover Shopify


I wish you look in your coding career, and recommend the following freelance websites for software engineers once you are good enough to take on clients! 🙂


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