Cheaper Group Travel with Airbnb and 28 Alternatives

Cheaper Group Travel with Airbnb and 28 Alternatives

Cheaper Group Travel with Airbnb and 28 Alternatives 1024 642 Joaquim Miro

With the onset of social media, a multitude of new companies have created social platforms on which individuals interested in renting out various types of lodging (such as a single room, house, castle, boat, cottage, tipi, igloo, tree house, and private island) can connect directly with individuals offering those renting opportunities. When travelling with 4 or more people, this is a great alternative to renting hotel rooms, and can even come out cheaper and more enjoyable than living in hostels in some cases. In the end, it is a great way to enjoy cheaper group travel. Considering this, its definitely worth a look!!

If you have an extra room in your house, why not try and make a few dollars on the side. This can become an extra easy source of income; all you have to do is sign up, post interesting pictures, and stay up to date with your postings. Also, you will surely make new friends and meet people from all across the world.

Currently, the largest of these vacation renting social platforms is undoubtedly Airbnb, or “Air Bed n Breakfast”,  was founded in 2008 in San Francisco, originally designed to offer people in need of a hotel room with a Bed and Breakfast opportunity. It then quickly grew to encompass all different types of lodging rental opportunities. There many other platforms that offer similar services, which can be worth looking into when you cannot find something through

Although many are specialized in certain regions, almost all of the following websites offer opportunities all across the globe. 


9flats – Germany
Wimdu – Germany
Lodjee – France & Italy
Localo – Spain – Very Detailed info on Accommodations – Cozy Website Layout
Zivac – France – Website is in French
Sejourning – France – Website is in French
Roomorama – Very International – Largest UK Offering
Bedandfed – UK and Ireland Only – UK – Event-based Accommodations
Housetrip – Switzerland & UK – Very nice Website
Bedycasa – All over Europe


North America

Flipkey – Owned and Operated by TripAdvisor
VRBO – Vacation Rentals by Owners – Has been in business for over 15 years
HomeAway – Owns VRBO – Most Prominent in Western World
Cyberrentals – Owned by HomeAway
Sublet – Both House Rentals and Sublets – Bed and Breakfast Services – Older-people Friendly
iStopOver – Canadian Market – Was acquired by 9flats



Sleepout – Most prominent in Africa for cheaper group travel



Travelmob – Very prominent in Asia
Pandabed – “Asia’s Trusted Alternative to Hotels”


Interesting and Miscellaneous 

Flatclub – Join “clubs” of people to find relevant flats to stay in – Exchange homes with someone else across the world – The first interest-based accommodations platform
FoFTravel – “A New Way of Life” – Travel by connecting with friends of friends
Outpost – Very Interesting Website with various services, including Accommodations, Rideshares, and Local Experiences


Higher End/ Luxury

Caribound – Rent Villas
One Fine Stay – Try to make you feel as if you are a local – Very Nice Website Layout


Please comment if you know of other good websites, or if you have stories in particular you want to share about specific websites that are listed here!


The Alternative Ways Tips and Tricks

-If you are travelling with a group of people, using these services can end up being cheaper than hostels or regular bed and breakfasts.

-Always check people’s reviews to make sure that the house you will be staying in is legit.


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Safety – ****

Sustainability – *****



By Joaquim Miro

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  • I would also suggest the largest Bed and Breakfast Directory in Europe with over 85,000+ properties and million of users.






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