Coffee Cultures Around the World

Coffee Cultures Around the World

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This guest post was written by Sarah from We Dream of Coffee

I don’t know about you, but I love coffee!

Coffee is a commodity that is not only appreciated in Western world, it is enjoyed by many countries all across the globe. Coffee unites people in the simple fact that we all enjoy it and we all drink it.

How we consume coffee is where it gets interesting.


Some sip espresso, and some like it bitter and black, it all depends on where you are when you have your coffee. If you love to travel or are a freelancer that works on the road, here are some ways people around the world enjoy their coffee, just in case you stop by.


Coffee Cultures Around The World



cafe au lait vietnam

France has some adorable sidewalk cafes. Be prepared for the small serving sizes. One of the most popular drinks is the espresso, served in a little cup accompanied by steamed milk which can be either in the drink itself or sometimes served on the side. This is known as a café au lait, and it has a strong, bold taste that people love.



Italy is known for its espresso, so naturally, that is the drink of choice here. Expect a shot of this liquid in a small cup. If sipping straight espresso is too much for you, you can get it with whipped cream on top to add a little sugar and diffuse a bit of the strong taste. This is called a café con Panna. Expect your espresso to be fresh and nicely brewed while stopping over in Italy. This is one of the world’s most prominent coffee cultures!



This country is one of the top producers of coffee, and a number of people enjoy coffee in Brazil including children. One of the most popular coffee beverages here is called a Café Com Leite. Be prepared for extra strength coffee served with lots of hot milk. There are several other variations of coffee that many enjoy, including the Cafezhino, which is strong black coffee that has a lot of sugar in it.




Americans love their coffee as well. The U.S. is known for creating fancy drinks like the Caramel Macchiato or the white chocolate mocha. The good thing about this is that there are lots of different drinks to try, and you are almost guaranteed to find one you like. If you don’t like all the added sugar or flavors, the Americano is a drink that consists of espresso and some hot water added to it. It is simple, hot, and delicious.



Neighbouring the U.S., Mexico has its own popular version of coffee. The Café De Olla is a dark roast and is served with a type of brown sugar that has a faint caramel flavour to it. Many people like to add a cinnamon stick to their Café De Olla for extra taste. Another well-known coffee beverage in Mexico is Café Con Leche or strong coffee mixed with hot milk. You can add sugar to suit your taste.



Austria has many quaint coffee houses, many of which stay open late into the night. It is a happy, social scene where many gather to enjoy coffee and one another’s company. Try a Weiner mélange which is brewed coffee with steamed milk and a frothy milk top to it. Vienna has some impressive coffee places to see and experience that are well-known throughout the area.



Watch the drip filter brew your coffee in Vietnam. Vietnam coffee is fresh and delicious, and one of the most popular ways to drink it here is to add a bit of sweetened and condensed milk. This makes the coffee very sweet, and many compare it to that of a dessert or rich beverage.


The Grind Matters

Different regions throughout the globe do grind their coffee. Grinding the beans down produces various levels of not only strength but of taste. You can leave the grounds larger and coarser like the size of rock sea salt, or you can grind them to a very fine dust, like flour.


Drip machines like those used in Vietnam most likely use medium and medium-coarse grinds for the best coffee. Italy is known for its espresso, and many espresso machines do best with fine grounds. Grinds determine the quality and consistency of your coffee, and areas around the world grind the coffee beans to suit their tastes.


United by Coffee Cultures Around The World

It’s amazing that one can journey across the earth only to find people enjoying their coffee as they socialize with friends or family, probably just like you do at home. Coffee is a huge commodity throughout the world. Billions of pounds are produced each year and enjoyed by people of various culture and in different countries. While the taste may vary depending on where you go, there is a coffee experience waiting for you, no matter where you travel.


Since she started We Dream of Coffee, Sarah has been adamant about spreading the word about the benefits and advantages of the wonderful drink. She writes about techniques, varieties, and fun facts as well.

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