Game of Thrones Tours in Belfast

Game of Thrones Tours in Belfast

Game of Thrones Tours in Belfast 1280 853 Joaquim Miro

Game of Thrones Tours in Belfast

There’s probably nothing more wonderful for Game of Thrones fans than to be able to relive their favorite GoT scenes with friends while visiting official filming locations. Thanks to private tour companies in Belfast, they have now made it possible for fans to live out their dreams.

Just 40-minutes away from Belfast are 20 Game of Thrones filming location including Walter Frey’s Twins, Robb’s alliance camp, and the massive Winterfell Castle.

Winterfell Castle and Downhill Demesne are frequently used as Game of Thrones filming sites. When guests arrive into the old demesne, they can marvel at the ancient medieval walls, grand castle tower gates, and the beautiful flora and fauna surrounding the castles.

Apart from the breath-taking sights, there are many other things that guests can do while touring the sites.



game of thrones tour in belfast

Stand on the exact same spot where Robb and Jon taught their brother Bran how to fire an arrow. Meet Winterfell’s actual Master-at-Arms, dress up as your favorite GoT character, and learn how to become a modern day archer. Apart from paper targets, guests can try hitting some of the White Walkers provider by the tour.


Cycling Tours

game of thrones tours in belfast

If you aren’t really a fan of walking tours, no problem! Guests can visit filming sites by bike and see places like the forest where Brienne took a vow of loyalty to Sansa.


Castles of Westeros Boat Tour

game of thrones tours in belfast

Enjoy amazing views from the waters of Winterfell Castle, Dreadfort Castle, and Walder Frey’s Castle on a private boat. There are only a few slots available on this tour each day so it’s better to make a reservation first if you want to explore the filming sites by water.


Overnight Camps

overnight game of thrones tours in belfast

Overnight camps are open for guests who want to enjoy visiting the filming sites for more than a day. With 20 in total, there is enough to explore over a two-week holiday if you’re dead set on visiting all of the different filming locations.


Game of Thrones has certainly brought ancient sites to the forefront of television. Each season, GoT creators are afforded huge budgets to renovate old castles based on George R.R. Martin’s books.


With the ongoing GoT phenomenon, digital companies as well as TV networks have jumped on the bandwagon in terms of using the franchise to make create new innovative products. Gaming companies, in particular, have created games dedicated to the episodes of the show. Telltale Games was one of the first developers to create a fantasy game in line with GoT’s storyline. A casual title by the name of Game of Thrones 243 Ways to Win was also released for the consumption of casual gamers, showcased among the slot titles on recreational site Slingo. More games for the TV show are slated for release this year around the same time as the Season 7 premiere.


Check out the entire game of thrones tours in Belfast itinerary by visiting WinterFell Tours’ official site here.

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  • Such a unique adventure and one so many people would enjoy. Loved reading about how to put together the experience and some alternative choices for activities. Also appreciated the links for further exploration. Nice post.

  • The Travel Ninjas January 24, 2017 at 2:50 am

    We love Game of Thrones. This tour sounds amazing. We’d love to do it.

  • I loved that entire series and now you have given me a way to live it myself . I would love to do a camping trip or even a cycling one for sure. Thanks for the useful links.

  • davide utravelshare January 28, 2017 at 1:15 pm

    Nice adventure for you guys, it looks like you have been deeply into the Game of Thrones filming! I think I am the lonely person on earth I have never watched this series on TV; friends of mine told me it’s absolutely amazing!! thanks for sharing it

  • I am a huge fan of GOT and would love to visit some of the filming locations one day. It is interesting how they have different activities like Archery etc which will give an authentic experience for a GOT fan. Will definitely keep this in mind.

  • I LOVE Game of Thrones and this visit would be a dream come true! Would definitely try out the archery, plus I’m sure the sightseeing would be a great experience in having a one-on-one experience with the filming sites. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  • Caroline @ The Travelling Sloth January 29, 2017 at 5:13 pm

    I will admit, I’m not a GOT fan but I can appreciate it. I’ve watched the first couple of seasons so I think I might be able to recognise a couple of these filming locations if I visit. I would love to give archery a go (channelling Oliver Green from “Arrow”).

    • Yes! A lot of the filming locations are also in Spain so if you are there let me know and I can tell you where the locations where 🙂

  • We are huge fans of GOT and this activities look so fun that in a future visit to N. Ireland I will take it in consideration while planning.

  • Enola of Game of Hodor October 4, 2017 at 2:01 am

    My boyfriend’s birthday is almost here and I want to give him a surprise. And since I bumped with your post it just gave me the perfect idea. He’s an avid fan of game of thrones and doing this tour would definitely make him very happy indeed. I know it for sure for he breathes and lives GOT.






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