Interview with The Remote Life

Interview with The Remote Life

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Working remotely is one of the best ways to grow your career through travel. According to industry experts, it is expected that remote and contract work becomes as prominent as office jobs in the next 5 years!

In an insightful interview with Mr. Nishchal Dua, founder of The Remote Life, we learn more about the remote work lifestyle. As an inspirational leader making a difference in the remote work sector, I now give the attention to Mr. Nishchal Dua. Take it away!


Interview With The Remote Life

Learn what Mr. Nishchal Duo has to say about his amazing program.


Q: So, I understand you’ve been working on this program for quite some time now. What inspired you to start this?

A: Pursuit of happiness. All of us are looking for a happy and fulfilling life but very few are actually pursuing it. I wanted to build a lifestyle for myself where I earn time to do things I want to and that’s how Remote Life came into being. We are now helping people realize that they have everything they need to travel & experience things they always wanted to, only if they are willing to step out of their comfort zone and take their first step with us.


Q: We have heard some great reviews from those participating in your program. How long do people usually participate?

A:  Most participants want to be with us longer than the length of the program and that’s what keeps us going. Right now we have 3-month programs for South East Asia & South America each. Almost everyone participates for the entire 3 month program with a few people coming in for just a month or even a week if they want to test the waters.


Q: Do you feel that people have difficulty coming back to their office jobs after traveling for months?

A: That’s a tough one. It’s different when they go back to their office. It’s not difficult or easy. It’s just different because now they have tasted what living your life feels like and going back to the routine of traffic & glass buildings isn’t that exciting.


Q: Interesting! As a follow up question, what makes your program really stand out?

A: For most of us travel has till now been restricted to a 5-7 day holiday or a vacation spent in hotels doing sight-seeing. But that’s not really travel. We ensure that all participants of the program are able to experience the local culture, customs & cuisines in ways they haven’t done before. We take care of the logistics for a month so they can work without interruptions. On top of the experience & logistics, we also have plenty of personal & professional development workshops & sessions all through the program. These range from basic digital marketing to setting up your personal brand and helping with technology & product development.


Q: Do you feel that remote work is a growing field? Do you expect more companies to expect that their employees remain in the company while living in different places every month?

A: Absolutely. From all logical perspectives, remote work is the future. Remote working allows employees to pursue their dreams which means they are happier at their job and a lot more creative & productive. Logistically, this also saves the organizations a lot of expense on real estate and other infrastructure costs that come with a huge office. Remote work is already here, it’s all about who innovates first and who gets left behind.


Q: As I am also traveling and working full time, I understand the difficulties of being on the road for so long. How do you help people cope with travelers fatigue?

A: By not keeping them on the road for a very long time! I understand what you mean and that is exactly why we have 3 month programs and not longer. 3 months is the best time to get the experience of a lifetime and go back home to family & friends to brag about it. And when you like, you can always come back for another 3 month program to a different destination.


Q: What are your favourite cities to arrange remote work programs in?

A: Oh, I won’t want to pick a favorite here. There are just so many places that I absolutely love and for different reasons. Siem Reap has culture, Bali is beautiful, Thailand has a big community. It’s just so different everywhere.


Q: To finish off this interview, do you have any advice to give to students, young professionals, and seasoned professionals that dream of growing their career through travel?

A: Yes, what I’m going to say is a very cliche advice but it has never been more relevant. Take a leap of faith! Don’t worry, don’t plan, just do it and you never know where life takes you. It’s all an adventure and you have to live it!

Learn more at The Remote Life.

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  • Agness of eTramping May 21, 2017 at 6:43 pm

    This interview was a great read, Joaquim! I really learned a lot and it was very motivational!






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