Things To Consider Before Quitting Your Job

Things To Consider Before Quitting Your Job

Things To Consider Before Quitting Your Job 1280 853 Joaquim Miro

I’m sure you know at least one person who quit their job to travel the world.  

While some of these stories end as successful fairytales, a lot of the time people come back a year later, broke and scrounging for any job they can find. Often times this is because they did not go through all the things to consider before quitting their job.

And that is why I started this website. To help people like you and I learn how to grow their career through travel. It’s not the easiest lifestyle, especially at first – but wow is it rewarding once you make it work!!


Things To Consider Before Quitting Your Job

Things to Consider Before Quitting Your Job

Before quitting your job and going out on a backpacking trip, consider setting yourself up for success. It may require some planning, but it’s definitely possible.

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Did You Learn Everything You Could?

If you are still struggling at your job because there’s so much new information every day, consider staying a bit longer. The experience and learning opportunities you are getting will help you immensely.


Did You Meet Enough People?

You should invest a minimum of one hour every day expanding and solidifying your network. These are the people that will most help you find contracts and other work opportunities when you are on the road.


Did You Create a Revenue Stream?

Residual revenue, meaning revenue that comes in without doing any direct work, is the best way to develop a travel lifestyle. If you haven’t already, you should start a blog or a drop-shipping website today. It won’t take long to set up and will bring you one step closer to fulfilling your travel dreams. These are both amazing ways to get a side income and build a professional portfolio!


Do You Know What You Are Good At?

What skill set are you able to offer while on the road? Do you plan on selling your art, building websites, constructing houses, offering interior design advice, teaching english or building excel spreadsheets? Whatever you are good at, make sure to build up enough of a portfolio and reputation to start making money right away when you are on the road. This is one of the most important things to consider before leaving your job. 


Have You Considered Pitching Remote Work To Your Employer?

Increasingly, companies are having trouble retaining young talent. Did you know that in the past year, 65% of millennials reported they would rather be (or are already) self-employed? If you’re  considered a rising star, your company will likely try to accommodate your needs rather than seeing you go.

Begin by pitching working from home a few days every week. Once you prove it’s possible, try pitching a full week. Over time they will become open to the idea of remote work, and you may be able to go work remotely for two to three weeks at a time!


I wrote a guide on how to pitch remote work to your employer, which I invite you to read for more info.


Resources To Help You Find Remote Work


Have You Considered Asking To Work Abroad?

If you are working in a multinational company, then you have an amazing opportunity. Most large companies have plans in place to allow for high potential employees to relocate. Mobility is actually seen as a must to grow within most Fortune 500 companies, so you should consider it!!


Resource To Help You Find Work Abroad


Are You Just Escaping Your Reality?

One of the most important things to consider before quitting your job is the base reason why you are leaving. I’ve always believed travel should not be an escape. It’s either a vacation or a lifestyle. If you aren’t happy with your current life, what makes you think it won’t be the same when the thrill of the adventure begins to die down? After six months the appeal and luster is usually lost, therefore make sure you are leaving for the right reasons.

If you aren’t sure, then consider the following list:

-Am I leaving because I’m bored?

-Am I leaving because I am unhappy with life?

-Am I leaving only because I’ve never travelled before?

-Am I leaving on a whim? 

-Do I have financial and social responsibilities that will negatively affect me if I leave?

If your answer to any of the following questions is ‘yes’, then you should really consider the pros and cons before making a decision, as it may not yet be the right time. 

And if you still aren’t sure, consider doing a ten-day Vipassana meditation course in your next vacation to get your ideas in order. Vipassana is a completely free meditation program that lasts ten days (you can give a voluntary donation at the end of the program). It completely changed my life and perception on just about everything.


Plan Before You Go

Once you are on the road, developing the necessary self-discipline will be difficult. There is so much to do when you are traveling, from planning your trip to enjoying yourself on a beach. Finding time to squeeze in work when you don’t already have a plan and vision is more difficult than you can imagine. Make sure to start ahead of time to increase your chances of success!


Until Next Time,

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Joaquim Miro

As a passionate traveler, pianist, paraglider, digital marketer, blockchain and vr enthusiast, I always felt the urge to travel the world, but stopped myself because of my career. So I took a leap of faith to prove that it is possible to grow your career through travel. And it worked! Now I am on a mission to help you do the same.

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  • September 4, 2019 at 5:02 am

    Once you have given  notice that you’re leaving your job  and have tendered your  official resignation, there are still some things you need to consider doing to ensure a graceful transition before you head out the office door for the last time.






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