Du Gia Backpacker Hostel – Coc Pang Vietnam

Du Gia Backpacker Hostel – Coc Pang Vietnam

Du Gia Backpacker Hostel – Coc Pang Vietnam 721 492 Joaquim Miro

We’ve all lived it at least once. That comfort, that joy, that warm feeling of love. The first time you experience it, you aren’t quite able to explain what made you fall in love with the place. It’s only after a few times that you realize what makes a great hostel a great hostel. It’s the level of love that is poured into the home and the guests that reside there.

After spending a week at Du Gia Backpacker Hostel, I can easily say that this is one of the best hostels I’ve been in during my life. The following review explains why and offers you all the other necessary information about the town of Coc Pang.


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Du Gia Backpacker Hostel in Coc Pang

I rarely write reviews about the places I stay in as I believe that the places change so fast that by the time people go there management has changed and it’s a completely different vibe. However in this case, what makes the charm of Du Gia Backpacker Hostel isn’t just the management. It’s the clean river that flows across the town, it’s the massive mountains in the backdrop, it’s the sound of 100s of children laughing in the school across the street, it’s the Saturday market that transforms the town into a one big 2km long bustling market. The entire city of Coc Pang is one beautiful paradise that I would recommend to anyone and everyone looking a for a bit of peace and quiet coupled with rich cultural experiences.

du gia backpacker hostel in coc pang vietnam


What to do in Coc Pang

While it is definitely not the place to go for a big party, Coc Pang offers you plenty to do.

Trekking – Go enjoy the fresh air and walk up one of the many mountains that surround the town. If you are lucky, these adorable little girls might even join you!

du gia backpacker hostel in coc pang vietnam


Biking Around the Town – I’ll get into more detail later, but the drive to Du Gia Backpacker Hostel in the town Coc Pang is downright awesome. If you venture out into the smaller roads around the town, you are bound to come across some spectacular sights that will be difficult to find in other parts of the world.

du gia backpacker hostel coc pang vietnam


Swimming in a clean river – There is a freshwater river that looks so clean you could (almost) drink it. While I wouldn’t recommend actually drinking it, I would definitely recommend going swimming once a day. From Du Gia Backpacker Hostel, walk towards the bridge. Right before you get on the bridge, take a right and walk down the path that leads you to the river. I’d say that the best spot!

du gia backpacker hostel in coc pang vietnam

A True Paradise


Barter at the Saturday Market – During the market there are countless people from all the surrounding mountains that come down to sell their goods. From 8AM to 11AM, the entire town becomes one massive market. Out of everything I’ve seen in the North, I’d say that was by far the most authentic market. No performances, no cares for the few tourists, just the weekly routine. It’s awesome!!

du gia backpacker hostel in coc pang vietnam

Hmong Women Selling Rice Wine & Corn Wine


coc pang vietnam

Bustling Market on Saturday!


Getting to Du Gia Backpacker Hostel

The ride to Du Gia Backpacker Hostel in Coc Pang is one of the most beautiful experiences I lived during my entire trip across Vietnam. The mountain ranges, the serenity, the ethnic minority groups. Everything about the drive is just marvelous!

du gia backpacker hostel in coc pang vietnam


Word of caution as of November 2016: If you are coming from Dong Van, Meo Vac, or Yen Minh, you are fine. But if you are coming from Ha Giang, make sure to take the route through Yen Minh. If you take the route west and then go North to Coc Pang, then you can expect a very difficult and pretty dangerous dirt road. If it’s raining, make sure not to go that way as you will probably get hurt. Here is a map so you can better understand what I mean. TAKE THE BLUE ROAD NOT THE GREY ONE!

ha giang map

Avoid the Grey Road!! Take the blue one instead!


Du Gia Backpacker Hostel

All in all, if you are looking for a great quality hostel offered at an affordable price, in one of the most beautiful valleys you can imagine, then Du Gia Backpacker Hostel is for you. If such a place is of interest to you, I invite you to book your stay by clicking on the image below.

du gia backpacker hostel in coc pang vietnam

Click on the picture to book your stay!!


Disclaimer. This article was written free of charge. I was not paid or influenced to write this and am offering this positive review out of the goodness of my heart! By clicking on the picture above (affiliate link) you will be directed to Booking.com to get the best deal at Du Gia Backpacker Hostel. 


Until next time,

Joaquim Miro

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