How Professionals Can Seek Help For Addiction Without Negatively Impacting Their Careers

How Professionals Can Seek Help For Addiction Without Negatively Impacting Their Careers

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For millions of Americans who are battling substance abuse, some of the biggest worries when heading toward recovery are whether or not it will impact family life, relationships, or a job. Ever wondered how to find help for addiction without impacting your career? It can be difficult enough to step forward and try to make healthy changes without the fear of losing the things that matter most to you, but it’s so important to remember your priorities. Getting healthy and sober is a huge step that can take months or even years, so finding ways to merge your needs with a new path is imperative.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can achieve this. The key is to know what your rights are and start by making a good plan that will allow you to keep your job even while you’re going through recovery. It will also help to have a strong circle of support, either from friends and loved ones or from a support group full of people who understand what you’re going through.

Here are a few tips on how to get started.

Know your rights

It’s imperative to know what your rights are concerning discrimination and job security. The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits employers from discriminating against employees who are undergoing treatment or are in recovery, so do some research and educate yourself on your rights. You’ll also want to look up your company’s guidelines and regulations regarding sick leave, paid time off, and anything else that might relate to your recovery.

Find the right treatment

Finding the right treatment for your needs is so important. Not only will you need to decide whether to do inpatient or outpatient, you also need to talk to your doctor about your specific needs and any health concerns you have. For many people, inpatient treatment is the only way to go simply because it allows them to get comprehensive attention from professionals, away from the stresses of everyday life. Some treatment centers even have special executive programs that will give you daily access to everything you need to conduct your business and keep in touch with clients.

Talk to your employer

No matter what type of treatment you plan on seeking, it’s important to talk to your employer about your needs. You may want to take a leave of absence, or you might just need to let them know about what’s happening and keep them in the loop. If you’re prepared and are well-educated on your rights, there’s no reason to be nervous about talking to your employer, but you might want to ask for an HR rep to be present.

Consider that your job may be a source of stress

Many jobs can be stressful, but if yours is overwhelming, it might be contributing to substance abuse issues. Think about talking to a counselor or therapist who can help you get a handle on these feelings and sort them out, and then consider making some changes that will allow you to have a more healthy professional life. You may need help learning how to say no when confronted with coworkers who ask for more than they can give in return, or how to manage your time a little better.

Consider switching jobs or starting your own business

If your job is at the root of your substance abuse issues, or if you want to make a clean break, finding a new job or even launching a business can be a great way to move forward. Depending on your line of work, your treatment center could have strong connections to businesses that help people find work after recovery. Alternatively, you could switch to remote work, which gives you the option to work from anywhere and on your schedule. In fact, if you work with a site like The Alternative Ways, you can grow your career through travel, which can bring new life experiences and perspectives that enhance your personal and professional lives.

When it comes to launching a business, remember that you don’t have to start a brick-and-mortar venture. You can also work remotely as an entrepreneur or independent contractor, which allows more freedom and flexibility in your life after recovery. Regardless of whether you work from home or as a digital nomad, your business should have a home base, online support for business compliance, a website and a guaranteed way of communicating with clients and potential clients.

Going through recovery can be a long or even lifelong process, and while it’s scary to think of the possible repercussions it can bring into your life, making small but effective changes to hold onto the things that are most important can be highly beneficial for you for years to come.

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